Are You Ready to Improve Your Bench Press?

The Backbone is the best product to achieve better form and more consistent reps on the bench press. This results in more frequent PRs, adding more pounds to your bench! With countless 5 star reviews from all types of gym athletes, we're proud to offer a product that's manufactured and fulfilled in the USA.

Grip Any Bench Press

Add grip to any bench press and watch your bench numbers increase. The Backbone is better than chalk, bands, and bar grip shirts -- guaranteed!

Bench More Weight

More back and shoulder grip = better form and consistency. Control your environment!

Increased Surface Area

Other products offer too small of a surface area to be effective. This matters for athletes who tend to have an aggressive bench press set up.

Secure Velcro Strap

Use the velcro strap to secure The Backbone after rolling it up and toss it in your gym bag or pack.

The Backbone - Black
The Backbone - Black
The Backbone - Black
The Backbone - Black
The Backbone - Black
The Backbone - Black

The Backbone - Black


Bench Bigger

Don't take our word for it. Watch Eric Bugenhagen take 435lbs for a ride and talk a little bit about The Backbone.

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Why The Backbone?

  • Unaffected by chalk or sweat
  • Improves form and rep consistency
  • Increases ability for leg drive
  • Extremely durable and long lasting

Grip Your Bench Better

Don't sacrifice gym PRs by using the status quo of bands, chalk, bar grip shirts, or worse... nothing at all! The Backbone gives athletes an advantage in the gym by controlling their environment to ensure consistency.

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With over 1,000+ customers around the world and countless 5 star reviews, The Backbone should be the next tool in your gym arsenal.

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