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Haven't you HERD about what powerlifters are calling, “The most effective non-slip bench mat on the market.” It’s better than bands, chalk, shelf liner, and bar grip shirts; trust us and the countless 5 star reviews we've received.

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The Backbone

The Backbone is Your Next Bench Press Grip Pad.

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The Backbone is an absolute necessity for me; especially when I’m not sure what type of bench I’ll be using. My setup/arch requires me to get a good grip on the bench and that’s just not possible on some commercial benches. Since I’ve gotten it, it’s lived in my gym bag and has come in clutch when lifting at a commercial gym. Way more reliable than chalk or an A7 shirt.

Darren T. | ★★★★★

The Backbone is amazing in helping me stay tight on the bench to maintain my arch and to better incorporate leg drive. I’ve tried other methods such as bands and shelf liner to mimic the effect but they have not been as good at sticking to the bench and as comfortable as the backbone is. I also don’t have to worry about slipping while benching at different gyms, nor do I have to wear ONLY tank tops when benching so I don’t slide. Invest in this, it’s totally worth it.

Lily N. | ★★★★★

The Backbone is amazing. I’ve always had an issue with sliding around on the bench, and it gets quite annoying when you have to use giant resistance bands to wrap around the bench. #1 it can ruin the bench and #2 bands can ruin the back of your shirt. The backbone takes that problem away. I love it and would recommend to anyone.

Zach M. | ★★★★★

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