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There is Strength in Numbers.

Humble is Welcome.

Nearly 3 years ago, One Strong Herd created the first version of The Backbone which has since evolved into an easily recognizable bench press grip pad that is used by powerlifters around the world.

Throughout building this brand, a core value has been being humble. Between humble beginnings as a company to choosing humble athletes to sponsor, The Herd believes that there is strength in numbers. This implies that each sponsored athlete, supporter, and customer contributes in part to the total strength of the brand.

We are stronger together and this is highly reinforced by being humble to competitors and friends alike.

Our Mission, Vision, & Values.

One Strong Herd strives to develop and provide affordable and meaningful products that convenience athletes, coaches, and adventurers.

We want to become the most supportive and defiant brand for all facets of fitness, with a focus on powerlifting.

Our values are part of the H.E.R.D. mentality to be: Humble, Empowered, Radial, and Defiant.

See the four bands on each horn? That is to symbolize each value and to remind our athletes and supporters that this brand is a lifestyle.

Our Philanthropic Efforts.

Chests for Breasts was a fundraising event hosted by the Powerlifting Club at SUNY New Paltz. The fundraiser was simple: have friends and family pledge a specified amount of money in correlation with the number of repetitions performed on bench press by participants. The student body participated in the fundraiser with a goal set to raise $2,500.

We ended the event raising over $3,000 coming from participants as well as sponsors. Sponsors included various businesses around New Paltz who donated to the fundraiser in order to earn a spot on event shirts. These shirts were given out to all staff members in addition to the winners of the fundraiser, being those who raised the most money within their category.

Founder of One Strong Herd.

Forrest Schaffer was dissatisfied with the state of fitness as it spread so much misinformation about living healthily and lifting properly. The Herd began as a blog to provide information on different topics such as counting macros, also known as flexible dieting, in addition to powerlifting programming and tips.

Alongside the blog, Forrest began developing The Backbone as he saw a gap to fill with an affordable non-slip bench press mat. What started as an idea has grown into a much larger brand with orders being shipped both nationally within the USA and internationally. This simple bench press grip pad has gained traction in so many ways, allowing the brand to continuously offer better and diversified products.

The vision for One Strong Herd to be one of the most supportive brands for all things fitness is actively on Forrest’s mind as he works with the internal team to plan on delivering collections in the future for all ages, sizes, and goals.

One Strong Grip Pad

The Backbone

The Backbone was created to fulfill a growing need within the powerlifting and fitness industries alike. As more and more athletes turn to powerlifting as a sport, the training methods and routines are rapidly changing.

It was The Backbone.